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Here's how to view and update personal information, such as mailing address, email address, phone number, or language: Go to Profile Settings. For your address, email address and phone number start by clicking the + sign to add or edit your information. You can select your language from the language dropdown on the left side of the page. Here's how to view and update your financial information, such as bank accounts, debit and credit cards, or currencies: Here's how to update your password, security questions, mobile PIN or security key: Go to Profile Settings. Click Security. Click Update under a specific section.

Yes. You can respond to a dispute and/or provide additional information to Sydtruts by fax or online message post.

There are no charges in Sydtrust.

If you've forgotten your password, follow these steps: Go to Sydtrusts website. Click Log In at the top of the page. Click Having trouble logging in? Enter the email address you use for Sydbank and click Next. Select how you want to recover your password and click Next. (You'll be shown some options such as Receive a text, receive an email, answer your security questions or have us call you.) If you select the email option, we will send you an email to the primary email address on your Sydtrust account, then you just need to click on the link you find there to change your password.

We aim to provide you with the highest possible standard of Customer Service. Yet sometimes things can go wrong. If this is the case please let us know and we will do our best to find a quick and fair solution to solve your issue. We will keep you updated throughout our investigation and we will endeavor to resolve your complaint within 5 weeks. More complex situations may require further investigation, if this is the case we will give you regular updates until we can provide you with a response.

To send money, you just need the recipient's account details and country

You can cancel only unclaimed payments. If your payment is complete, please contact the recipient of the payment to request a refund.

Sydtrusts cannot reverse payments that have been claimed. We recommend that you contact your recipient directly and make arrangements to have the money refunded to you via Sydbank or another method of your choosing.

It's possible that the payment you're referring to has been stopped by our internal security system. To provide one of the safest online payment services our internal security system reviews every payment before it's approved. Occasionally, we must stop a payment. This is similar to the way most banks and card companies work. When a payment is stopped, it's not a reflection of you or your account activities, but rather we've noticed a pattern associated with higher-than-normal risk.

If you lose your device, your Syd account is protected by the combination of username and password. Please don’t share this information with anybody. Please let Sydtrust know right away that you lost your device. Call Customer Support or visit the Sydtrusts website and click “Contact Us”.

We can help you change the name on your account if it's misspelled or if you've legally changed your name. However, it is not possible to change the name on your account to another person's name. If you’re asked to submit documentation, it normally takes 3-5 business days for a review.

Sydbank does not charge a fee to open a Sydbank account.

There are no fees to send money to family and friends when you use only your Syd wallet balance or bank account, or a combination of your Syd wallet balance and bank account.

There’s no fee to use Sydbank to purchase goods or services.

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